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About Elitescapes

Garden Design

The key to all beautiful gardens is...


The key to all beautiful gardens always lies in the original design. A garden should reflect on the property and its interior and the occupant and their lifestyle. We believe in working very closely with our clients in enabling us to bring your ideas to life.

Using a combination of our in-house designers and our advanced Vectorworks landscape design software, a typical design process would take shape as follows.

Initial consultation

This is an informal get together to understand your requirements, likes and dislikes, Et cetera. At this point, we would discuss with you your proposed budget and, in turn, outline to you an estimate of design costs which would be subject to the size of the project and its complexities as well as required detail, i.e., the inclusion of mood boards, planting plans or the need for 3d interpretations.

Please note that as with making any purchase or investment, an idea of anticipated spending is essential for us to ensure the detailing within our design and your expectations align with the finances available.


Approximately 14-21 days after that, we will meet with you again and present you with a formal scaled plan of your new garden. At this stage, we would agree on any amendments which may need to be made before providing you with a cost and written quotation and specification of works.

If our quotation is acceptable, EliteScapes will give a date for the anticipated commencement of the project.